Ebay escrow for high end items

eBay has had escrow on and off for years, but recently it has started to impose mandatory escrow where eBay itself examines the item being sold for authenticity. The eBay program for luxury watches over $2000.


was started in September 2020, and is based on prior similar programs that have come and gone at eBay. Nowadays, buy an expensive watch and you pay eBay, which holds the money until the watch is shipped to it, and then releases the money to the seller after it both authenticates the watch and makes sure you have received it. No more issues between buyer and seller over authenticity or returns of something other than what was originally shipped by the seller, and very few chances of buyer credit card chargebacks.

For more how this all works, see

eBay is next looking to expand this program to other luxury goods, such as diamonds.

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